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Mission - Life Changer International
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On to Israel ...

Experience Israeli culture and history in a way that only Linda can provide. As she guides you on a journey through the life of Jesus, you learn more and more about this Savior ... and the beauty is that you can help others to know Him and learn about Him, too. Add to that times of service to shut-ins and children with disabilities, and your trip will be one that you will never forget. 

November 9-17, 2023


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Life Changer International

Allow me to introduce you to Linda Vannoy-Castillo, the Global Pastor for the Well Communities (of which The Well at Wildrose Country is a part), Executive Director of Life Changer International, and author of Live Without Borders. In my experience, Linda rivals the Energizer bunny in her energy and enthusiasm for missions. She is passionate in glorifying God and has shown His love in many parts of the world. Linda's hair is never dull -- always brightly colored -- which fits her bubbly and bright personality. Her love for God and others is irresistible. She would love it if you would join her on one of her many planned mission trips. Check out her schedule below

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Mexican Riveria

Join Linda as you SAIL & SERVE along the Mexican Riveria. Seems like this will be a working cruise as you assist those in need of physical and spiritual healing and renewal.

February 10-18, 2024

(Spots still open)

And Back to Israel

Linda's love for the Holy Land and walking where Jesus walked is evident in the number of mission trips she takes to this part of the world. While this is Jesus' homeland, there is much mission work to be done here. Part of that mission work is showing the hands and feet and face of Jesus to those who are shut in or have disabilities.

March 7-16, 2024


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And .... to Puerto Rico

Allow the Living Water of Jesus flow through you like a Puerto Rican waterfall as you minister to those in need of not only material goods, but the Spiritual Water of Jesus.

July 19-26, 2024

(Spots still open)

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And to Israel Once Again

Another trip to Israel with Linda will happen just before the Christmas season begins in earnest. Think about how wonderful it will be to experience Jesus' homeland as you prepare to welcome the Baby Jesus into your heart and home on His Birthday. One of the most beautiful ways to honor Jesus is to serve others as He did. You will have the opportunity to do this in Bethlehem as you minister to shut-ins and children with disabilities.

November 6-15, 2024

(Spots still open)

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A Return to Israel

Open the gate of your heart to the place that Jesus called His home during His earthly life. Linda will guide you through all of the "places" where Jesus walked and help you as you walk others to Jesus. Part of that walk means taking care of those who are on the fringes. So ... in Bethlehem you will serve those who are shut in or disabled as you reflect Jesus' Love and Light to them. 

May 8-17, 2024

(Spots still open)

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Again Israel

As another mission trip to Israel and the Holy Land unfolds before you, you will experience the same places that Jesus did during His ministry. And His ministry becomes your ministry, as you speak to people about the Love of God shown through His Son, Jesus. Reflecting this Love of Jesus is tangible as you visit shut-ins and those with disabilities on your travels.

September 18-27, 2024

(Spots still open)

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San Francisco Bay Area

A native of the San Francisco Bay area, this place holds a special place in Linda's heart. You are invited to bring a team to join her in cultural and missional experiences as you get to know the area through her eyes.


(Saturday evening - Friday morning)

Connect With Linda Here: 
Live Without Borders: Today Makes You Ready for Tomorrow
by Linda Vannoy-Castillo 

God is calling you to a new adventure. Consider going on the adventure of your life―one of profound love, real joy, and many surprises along the way. Live Without Borders is the true story of Linda Vannoy-Castillo, who chose to follow Jesus at age five and three years later began her fifty-plus-year journey as a short- and long-term missionary. Her story is an inspirational illustration of a life dedicated to saying yes to Jesus anytime, anywhere―through disappointments, death of a spouse, infertility, and cancer diagnoses. In this book, you will see Jesus at every turn and begin to understand that:

  • guidance is always nearby.

  • detours can be unplanned adventures.

  • relationships hold us and mold us.

  • your life has a purpose and a plan.

You are designed by God for something only you can do. Learn from your past, take charge of your present, and plan for your future.

Linda Vannoy-Castillo
About the Author

A teacher, pastor, missionary, storyteller, and adventurer, Linda Vannoy-Castillo is passionate about glorifying God and helping people find purpose in Him. She’s a San Francisco Bay Area native who enjoys sporting colorful hair and riding motorcycles. Linda currently serves as the director of ministry at Praying Pelican Missions.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, an teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

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